General Dentistry

Composite fillings– Composite fillings are a tooth colored material that restores decayed teeth or replaces broken down amalgam/silver fillings. With composite fillings, Dr, Dominguez will remove the decay or old filling and then the composite material best matching your tooth is layered and bonded to the tooth.

Crowns, Inlays, and Onlays – Dental crowns, inlays, and onlays restore structurally compromised teeth to full function, durability and beauty. A custom-made crown covers the tooth and extends above the gum line. Dr. Dominguez places aesthetic crowns that are made from ceramic, a layered ceramic for back teeth or porcelain covered gold or semi-precious metal.
When a filling is not enough after the removal of decay, and a crown is to excessive, Dr. Dominguez will do an Inlay or onlay. These are lab fabricated restoration made from a resin or pressed porcelain material that fits inside and over a portion of the tooth. With routine dental care your crown, inlay or onlay restoration should last 15-20 years.

Implants –A dental implant is a titanium alloy dental screw that is placed in a patient’s jaw as an artificial root to provide immediate and long-term stabilization of teeth. After placement in the jaw there is a recovery time of 3 months on average, but can vary depending on healing and integration of the implant into the jawbone. Once healing and integration has taken place, the crown restoration is placed. Dr. Dominguez places and restore implants in the office so there is a convenience of not visiting multiple doctors or specialists. Mini- implants are also an option. These are smaller version of the implant used to stabilize dentures. 3 or 4 mini implants are placed in an arch that is missing all teeth and then after custom denture is made with attachments so it snaps into place.


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